This document is to describe the general terms and conditions of the services provided by Eurama Idegenforgalmi Kft. (in the followings: EUrama Travel Agency) to its Customers and its part of every contract between EUrama Travel Agency and its partners. For more details please contact us directly in email: [email protected] or by phone: +36 1 327-6690.

1. Company Data

Name: EUrama Idegenforgalmi Kft. (EUrama Travel Agency)

Address: H-1052 Budapest, Apáczai Csere János utca 12-14, HUNGARY
Company registration No.: 01 09 717783
EU Tax Number: 13081474241
Travel Agency License No.: U-000377
Insurance Company: Allianz Hungária & Colonnade Inscurance S.A.

2. General Terms

Customer is the private person who intends to purchase a service, program or product from EUrama Travel Agency. If a legal entity is acting on behalf of the Customer, the representative of the legal entity and all the participating people are Customers of EUrama Travel Agency.

The contract between the Customer and EUrama Travel Agency is valid after the payment of the participation fee by the Customer and confirmation of the reservation by EUrama Travel Agency. Once a reservation has been confirmed EUrama Travel Agency, modifications to the original reservation are only accepted in written formats or in email.

EUrama Travel Agency offers programs on the actual prices which are indicated on the EUrama Travel Agency website (www.eurama.hu). 3rd party partners or outdated travel brochures may offer EUrama Travel Agency on different prices. EUrama Travel Agency does not take any responsibility for the different prices offered by other business partners or outdated brochures.

Prices include the cost of the services and products listed in the internet site. Please note that the services can differ according to the program.

Customers should have a confirmation from EUrama Travel Agency and / or to hold a valid ticket / voucher. If the Customer does not provide sufficient information which is necessary for EUrama Travel Agency to perform the requested service or deliver the required product (eg. Pick-up point is not provided or name incorrect), EUrama Travel Agency may cancel the contract. Such cancellation is also subject of cancellation fee as described under 3.).

The sightseeing tours and city tour programs offered by EUrama Travel Agency may involve drinking alcohol, therefore they are considered as adult programs, where guests participate on the tour at their own responsibility. EUrama Travel Agency does not take any responsibility for accidents, damage of properties or loss of valueables of the guests which are happening during the tour related to the inappropriate behaviour of the guests under the influence of alcohol. Damage or cleaning costs incurring as a result of inappropriate guest behaviour will be charged to the guest.
EUrama Travel Agency is committed to educate guests about the possible impacts of alcohol and encourages the consumption of alcohol with measure and responsibility.

Pick-up time
Customers should be aware that other customers may also attend the selected programs, therefore pick-up time is strictly enforced with 10 minutes of waiting time. If the Customer is not showing up on the confirmed location in the confirmed pick-up time, EUrama Travel Agency may cancel the contract and deny the service for the Customer.

3. Payment process

Programs selected on the EUrama Travel Agency website will be payed using the PayPal and Braintree system. You can learn more about PayPal and security measures implemented in the PayPal system here: www.paypal.com
EUrama Travel Agency will send and automatic response to the email address provided by the Customer about the reservation. This automatic response only contains the recorded details of the reservation, but this is NOT a confirmation. Confirmation of the program will be sent by EUrama Travel Agency representative within 24 after the reservation.
(Pre-booked customers may pay the price of the tour on spot to the tour guide.)

4. Cancellation / modification policy

Customer may cancel or modify the booking any time before the start of the program with a written cancellation request. In case of a cancellation of a program, EUrama Travel Agency may be entitled for a an cellation fee, which is applicable in the following cases:
– Cancellation / modification by the Customer occurs less than 48 hours before the start of the program. In that case the cancellation / modification fee is 20% of the total value of the reserved programs.

– Cancellation / modification occurs less then 12 hours before or after the start of the program or the Customer fails to show up at the start of the program. In that case EUrama Travel Agency considers the contract fullfilled and is entitled for the full price of the program.

– 3rd party costs (included transactional costs) occured on behalf of EUrama Travel Agency related to requested program before receiving the cancellation / modification request. In that case the cancellation fee is 20% of the total value of the reserved programs plus the 3rd party costs related to the reserved programs occured till the time of the cancellation / modification request.

– EUrama Travel Agency may cancel the contract if the Customer fails to provide valid and relevant information required by EUrama Travel Agency in order to perform the ordered services or programs (eg. False name or pick-up point is given). In that case the cancellation fee is 20% of the total value of the reserved programs plus the 3rd party costs related to the reserved programs occured till the time of the cancellation / modification request.

5. Complaint procedure and conditions

All complaints should be submitted in written or email format to EUrama Travel Agency within 24 hours of the program. EUrama Travel Agency will thorougly follow up every complaint and will respond within 8 working days after receiving the complaint.

6. Privacy policy

In order to register bookings, EUrama Travel Agency requests data from the Customer who book a selected program. We collect and process personal data obtained during the booking process only to the extent necessary for the required service to be fulfilled and we keep the transaction record only as long as required by the relevant laws and regulations.

EUrama Travel Agency will not transfer data obtained through registration to third parties in any form. Although EUrama Travel Agency is committed to protecting the security of any personal information obtained through registration, EUrama Travel Agency cannot guarantee protection against hardware or software failure and other factors that may compromise the security of data.

EUrama Travel Agency engages itself to perform all expected measures in order to ensure the functioning of its registration system. EUrama Travel Agency, however, is not responsible for any damage related to the registration pages, their dysfunction, their inappropriate use or to a computer virus, line- or system failure, delay in data-transfer or again to the modification of data or information on the registration pages by any unauthorised person.

EUrama Travel Agency does not take responsibility for any eventual errata or technical problems occurring on its pages.

Customers agree that pictures / videos taken by EUrama Travel Agency or its representatives during the programs may be used by EUrama Travel Agency for promoting own EUrama Travel Agency services and programs, without further notice to the Customer visible on the pictures / video. EUrama Travel Agency commits not disclose to any 3rd Party any personal data of the Customers visible on the pictures under any circumstances.