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The Eurama Budapest Sightseeing City Tour Travel Agency was founded in 2003 which nowadays has a wide range of partners. More than 600 travel agencies and hotels are selling our programs. The EUrama is the market leading Travel Agency in organizing full and half day quality tours in Budapest and Hungary. The office has several well known improvements in its field such as introducing the Hop on Hop off sightseeing tour and later the Hop on Hop off Boat Tour. EUrama was also among the first companies who realized the importance of establishing tourist information points at the major attractions for the better service of the guests.

Hungary and Budapest

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Our attention to detail and personal approach will make your trip unique. We offer our customers the best of Hungary – the lowest prices available for Budapest  and for their tours in Hungary with the highest levels of quality. Our services and packages are tailored to fit any budget – ranging from inexpensive tours for the budget traveller to luxury travels.

Our friendly and experienced guides will make you feel at home throughout your stay in the Hungary and Budapest and are always on call to assist you with any requests or questions that you may have.

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“Dear Travellers,

It is a privilege for Les Clefs d’Or Hungary to have Eurama as one of our Partners. A Partner that we are very proud of and with whom we have been working together for many many years and we do hope for much more to come. They are always monitoring the changes and the newest trends on the market and they act quickly to adopt to the new requirements. For us local concierges it is comforting when one of our guest is travelling or sightseeing with Eurama as we know they are in good hands. The fact that we have been working together for so long resulted in a mutual flexibility towards each other, which is mainly beneficial for our guests.

They are always aiming for the best quality and because of this we happily recommend their services to anybody that is coming to visit Hungary and Budapest.”

Peter Buday

Peter Buday

„President , Les Clefs d’Or Hungary”

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