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Pannonhalma is a town in western Hungary. Archduke Otto Habsburg’s heart is kept at the Pannonhalma Archabbey. In 996 Prince Géza settled monks from Bohemia on the Sacred Mount of Pannonia. The monastery, erected in honour of Saint Martin of Tours, had become the eastern bridgehead of medieval European culture as the Prince intended. Even Saint Stephen, the rst Hungarian king, was a frequent guest within its walls. Having been constructed in diverse styles over the course of many centuries, the buildings of the monastery preserve the messages of different ages, and yet still give the impression of a harmonious unity. The artifacts that can still be seen today obtain a unique radiance due to the fact that they are being used in accordance with their original function by a living monastic community. Though the monastery is open to the public, there are places where only the members of the monastic community are allowed to enter. Here everything re ects that the centuries-old Benedictine way of life may still be nurtured by silence and prayer. Here you can visit the famous library of Pannonhalma.

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