Hidden beauties of Budapest – 8 places off the beaten track

Budapest has lots of beautiful sights that are well-known by tourists, but did you know that there are several places, hidden from most tourists’ eyes, that are just as beautiful? If you would like to know what these ‘hidden’ places are, keep on reading! 🙂

1) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Tomb of Gül Baba & Gül Baba street

Gül Baba was an Ottoman Bektashi dervish poet who lived in Hungary in the 16th century. His octagonal tomb can be found in the district of Rózsadomb, and it combines the Ottoman and Hungarian architecture in a very beautiful way. It now belongs to the Republic of Turkey. It is the most northen place of muslim pilgrimage.

Tomb of Gül Baba


hidden - Gül Baba street
Gül Baba street

2) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Mansfeld Péter Park

If you want to have a nice view of Budapest at a place that is not known by tourists almost at all, go to Mansfeld Péter Park. This small park is situated quite close to the Tomb of Gül Baba, in the district of Rózsadomb. It was named after Péter Mansfeld, the youngest victim of the communist retaliation following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. You can find a statue of him at the center of the park.

hidden - Mansfeld Péter Park
Mansfeld Péter Park (source)

3) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Lupa island

Lupa island (Lupasziget) is not very known by Hungarians either, because it’s far from the center of Budapest and it isn’t easily accessible. To get on the island, you have to take a ferry that leaves only 2 to 5 times a day, depending on the season, or hire a kayak or canoe and row there.  The beauty of this island lies in it’s hiddenness. There are mostly summer houses on the island and a main street with a row of sycamore trees.

hidden - Lupasziget
Lupasziget (source)

4) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Garden of Philosophy

The Garden of Philosophy ( Filozófiai Kert) is located at the foot of Gellért Hill. It gives place to a group of statues designed by Nándor Wagner that depict well-known religious and spiritual figures such as Abraham, Echnaton, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tse, Mahatma Gandhi, Daruma Taishi and Saint Francis. This garden, in Wagner’s words, was created “for better mutual understanding”.

hidden - Garden of philosophy
Garden of Philosophy (source)

5) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Normafa & the ‘libegő’

Normafa is a popular hiking destination for Hungarians but it isn’t well-known by tourists. It is situated on Svábhegy and very close to Jánoshegy, the highest point in Budapest. It is essentially a large area of fields and forest. It is popular for its natural beauty, fresh air and panoramic scenery. The most fun way to get to Normafa is to take the ‘libegő’ (chairlifts) at Zugliget.

hidden- Normafa
Panoramic scenery from Normafa (source)

6) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Elizabeth Lookout

Elizabeth Lookout (Erzsébet-kilátó) is located on the highest point of Budapest, on top of Jánoshegy, and it is close to Normafa as well. It is is a lookout from where you get an amazing panoramic view of Budapest and the surrounding areas.

hidden -Elisabeth Lookout
Elisabeth Lookout (source)

7) Hidden beauties of Budapest – Füvészkert

Füvészkert is the botanical garden of the Hungarian university called ‘ELTE’. There is an entrance fee but it’s totally worth the price. If you are interested in special plants and trees and would like to take a small walk in a fabulous garden, this is the right place for you!

hidden - Füvészkert
Füvészkert (source)

8) Hidden beauties of Budapest –  Sas-hegy Nature Reserve

Sas-hegy is a hill situated in the 11th and 12th disrticts of Budapest.  Sas-hegy Nature Reserve is on top of Sas-hegy. Its park service maintains a visitor center with a nature trail displaying the natural features of the area. It is worth visiting for its panoramic scenery and natural beauty.

hidden - Sashegy
Sas-hegy (source)

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[…] Hidden beauties of Budapest – 8 places off the beaten track […]
[…] Hidden beauties of Budapest – 8 places off the beaten track […]

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