Travel photography – 5 tips to make better photos while travelling
Travel photography photo

Do you enjoy travelling? Do you love taking photos during your trips? Would you like to improve your travel photography skills? Read these 5 tips to better document your travel experiences.

Travel photography tip 1) – Always have a camera with you

You never know when you will bump into something worth taking a photo of during your trip. For this reason it’s best to take your camera with you everywhere you go.

Modern smartphones can take quality photos and they are easy to carry around, so if you own one, make sure you take it with you. DSLR cameras can take better pictures than smartphones but they are more difficult to carry around.

You can have the best camera in the wolrd, if it’s not there with you when you see something beautiful, you won’t be able to capture that scene.

travel photography photo - always have a camera with you

Travel photography tip 2) – Composition is key

Whenever you take a photo, either while travelling or elsewhere, you should pay attention on the composition of the picture to get great results.

Use the rule of thirds. A lot of times your picture will look more interesting and pleasing to the eye if your main subject is not in the middle of the picture.  Imagine breaking an image down into thirds using an imaginary grid. If you place your point of interest along the lines or in their intersections, you will get a more interesting picture.

travel photography photo - rule of thirds
Rule of thirds

Travel photography tip 3) – Do the opposite of what others do

If you want your travel photos to be unique and differ from all the other travel photographs out there, think and act differently from others.

If there is a famous sight or landscape, most of the pictures of them look the same, because they were taken from the same angle, same perspective, from the same place. If you want to take a more interesting picture of that sight, take the picture from an other angle or from an unusual place.

Lie down and take your photo from under, or climb up a tree or rock and take your picture from above. Think of what others would do and do the opposite.

travel photography photo - unusual angle

Travel photography tip 4) – Pay attention on the light

Light is very important in photography. The direction of the light can dramatically change your photos.

If you take a picture of a landscape facing the sun when it’s high up in the sky, depending on where you put your focus, the landscape may get too dark, or the sky too light. Most of the time it’s better if you take your picture with your back towards the sun, so it can illuminate the scene and not burn out your picture.

Of course it’s not always possible. If the sun is right behind something you want to take a photo of and you can’t go around it, try to at least turn a bit, so the sun will shine from your side, not from in front of you.

If the sun is setting and isn’t so strong, you can take nice pictures facing the sun as well, and you can get a nice silhouette of your subject.

travel photography photo - silhouette

Travel photography tip 5) – Take photos of people as well, not just sights and landscapes

Some of the best travel photos in the world were taken of people. A face can tell a lot about that person, country, culture. Think of Steve McCurry‘s most famous picture, the ‘Afghan girl’. You can learn a lot about her culture, histrory and life, just by looking at the picture.

travel photography photo - Afghan girl
Steve McCurry – Afghan girl


I hope that you found these tips helpful. If you want to read more about travelling, culture or Hungary, read our other blog posts as well. 🙂

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[…] Travel photography – 5 tips to make better photos while travelling […]
[…] Travel photography – 5 tips to make better photos while travelling […]

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