Limousin Renting

Lincoln Ultra Stretch Limo

Familiar events, city sightseeing with touristguide (in english or german) and carrying VIP person. Unconventionally, our cars are air-conditioned, and match with the highest expections.

White, 12-14 seats (12 adult or 14 student), Hi-Fi (4000 W), brown leather seats, white bar, counter, ambient lighting effects.

Lincoln Town Car Strech Limousin

White, 8-9 seats, Hi-Fi (4000 W), scuttle, DVD. MP3 player and Karaoke, black leather seats, ambient lighting effects, laser show.


For renting please contact us on the following telephone numbers: +36 1 327-6694 / + 36 1 327-6685 

or e-mail address: