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  • 9:00


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  • Sat
  • 9:00

  • Hotel InterContinental
  • At the Pier/City Centre
  • 9,5 hours
  • Pick up is included
  • 3-course Menu


  • Adult: 17000 HUF
  • Under age 12: 8500 HUF

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Danube Bend Tour

This is the ultimate Hungarian excursion! You get to see history from the first row, right in front of you. Enjoy the remarkable city of Esztergom (center of the Catholic Church), the antique town of Visegrád (former Royal Residence) with additional lunch (3 course menu) and the magical Artists’ Village: Szentendre in just one day! During the tour we’ll show You Esztergom from another point of view, literally (photostop in Slovakia). And if this is still not enough, get ready to float back to Budapest by boat at the end of the day.

The tour ends at the pier in Budapest city center.


Return by boat between May 1 - Sept 30. In case of low water and during winter time return to Budapest by bus.

Sights and Elements

  • The Danube Bend
  • Visegrád
  • Royal Residence
  • 3-course menu
  • Esztergom
  • Interior visit of the Cathedral
  • Slovakia (photostop)
  • Artists’ Village Szentendre (guided walk)
  • Return by boat (Boat trip May 1 - September 30)